Executive protection: bodyguards for travel here and abroad

Collis & Associates is a leader in the field of worldwide risk management and security training, specializing in full contingency planning and extensive preparation. The company's specialists keep abreast of the latest crisis management training in order to perfect the art and science of executive protection. Bodyguards are available individually or as members of protective details of any necessary size. We have specialists for travel work as well as stationary positioning. Each bodyguard is hand-picked from the best of elite candidates from the worlds of law enforcement and military special forces in the United States and United Kingdom.

Veterans of crisis management training

All of Collis & Associates' specialists are put on continuing education programs in order to maintain knowledge of the latest findings on the industry's leading edge. This includes the latest crisis management training, so that each one of our specialists is an up-to-date expert on crisis management strategy. Our experts will brief clients before the assignment and are available for consulting as well.

Crisis management strategy for emergencies

Our executive security services include but are not entirely limited to the following:

  • Protective details - personal executive protection, bodyguards
  • Worldwide specialist travel teams
  • Advance and pre-departure briefings
  • Threat assessment and defense development
  • Travel advisory and itinerary planning
  • Travel emergency medical planning and evacuation
  • All aspects of crisis management strategy

In addition to protective services, we also offer consulting in order to help clients improve existing security measures. To learn more about either avenue of service, please feel free to contact us today.