Executive security services

Collis & Associates, a worldwide security operations resource for protective and consulting services, is committed to the safety of all clients. Specialists in executive security services, all members of the high risk security team are the top of the heap in their respective fields, from threat assessment to personal protection. Each team is hand-picked for the specific needs of the client and the level of expertise necessary for each assignment area. The company provides service for governments, corporate executives, and high-worth private individuals, bringing together the essential elements of planning, design, evaluation and training in order to provide the best, and therefore safest, executive protection measures possible.

Elements of a high risk security team

Each group of specialists covers the bases in the following areas in order to maximize security and minimize risk:

  • Protective Details - A high risk security team of any size, designed to fit the needs of each client
  • Worldwide Specialist Travel Teams - These teams emphasize planning for any eventuality in various locations
  • Detailed Advance Planning and Pre-Departure Briefings - These meetings are for the purpose of communicating to the client what they can expect in nominated environments
  • Threat Assessment - Thorough assessment of any situation our executive security services team may run into
  • Travel Advisory and Itinerary Planning - Briefing on the location, its political climate, and profile
  • Travel Emergency Medical Planning and Evacuation - Full contingency planning in case of medical or any other type of possible emergency

As you can see, we provide a complete suite of solutions for protection and evaluation. We are also available for consulting in order to improve measures a client already has in place. To learn more, contact us today.