Personal protection services options

Many corporations have their own in house teams for protective service. Collis & Associates is available for augmenting existing teams by adding specialists for personal protection services, or for consulting in improving the productivity and efficacy of the existing measures. In addition to security training of personnel already in place, our specialists and operatives can also provide contigency planning, assess and evaluate current strategies, and audit the team that is already in place to find its weaknesses and strengths. Corporate teams can only benefit from the expertise Collis & Associates is prepared to offer through our event security consulting, as our group uses only the most elite trainees from top law enforcement and military special forces groups throughout the United States and Great Britain. To learn more about our training options, read on further.

Consulting and security training of personnel

To train an existing team can be a sensitive proposition. Many experts are very set in their ways. This is why Collis & Associates maintains a policy of continuing education, keeping our specialists up to date in the latest techniques and strategies in the world of personal protection services. This is important because our security training of personnel provides new information and real world expertise which will benefit current teams without insulting their abilities. Collis & Associates is on the cutting edge of risk management and security training and intends to stay there. We invite our clients to come along and remain as safe and secure as we can guarantee.

To learn more about the various consultancy and protective options offered by this worldwide security operations resource, contact us today, or browse our articles for up to date information.