Collis & Associates - Risk management and security training

Collis & Associates worldwide security operations resource provides specialized services for governments, corporate executives, and other high-worth private individuals. Executive security services offered include protective details, worldwide specialist travel teams, detailed advance planning and pre-departure briefings, threat and risk assessment, travel advisory and itinerary planning, and travel emergency medical planning and evacuation. Experts in risk management and security training, we make each assignment a custom fit, personalized for the individual client's needs.

Executive security services: Private protective details

Our private protective details are personal protections specialist teams of any size. Our specialists are drawn from the world of law enforcement and elite military special forces, primarily in the United States and United Kingdom. All are experienced in executive security services, and chosen for their aptitude in handling any situation quietly, efficiently and discreetly. Our personal protection services are constantly changing to meet growing needs, and our development of crisis management plans allows us to remain one step of our competition as we move further into the 21st Century. All of our specialists have operated in high risk environments throughout the world, and are capable in many regards, highly trained and valuing honor, integrity, and loyalty, creating a complete security specialist package.

Consulting services: crisis management plans

Collis & Associates also provides consulting services, bringing together the essential elements of planning, design, evaluation, and training under one risk management and security training structure. We are able to integrate security measures within the design phase of a new project or facility, orchestrate contigencies for crisis management plans, and plan for special events according to client needs. Our security audit programs are essential for providing evaluation of firms' proficiencies and weaknesses. We are also available to validate and recommend improvements for in house security procedures. For more information, contact us today.