Our security audit program

Collis & Associates, a worldwide provider of executive security services, is proud to offer services to help assess the value of clients' current protective measures. This security audit program is perfect for those clients who are unsure of the efficiency and overall effectiveness of services currently in their employ. Our specialists, well versed in various areas of expertise, will come in as consultants, evaluate the proficiencies and weaknesses of measures already in place, and provide a detailed briefing tailored to the client's specific needs. Through this briefing, our specialists will offer suggestions for improvements as well as specific strengths of the extant systems. Along with event security consulting, this is one of the firm's premier services.

Event security consulting

Collis & Associates also offers strategies for protective measures to cover both public and private events. The firm is able to provide its own personnel for protection or work with other groups as an event security consulting resource. The firm's security audit program also covers events, with our specialists offering detailed briefings about measures already in place for potential problems involving public and private events. To learn more about the risk management and security training services offered, please contact us today. You will not regret it.

In addition to consultation and auditing services, Collis & Associates is also available for individual protection of high-worth VIPs, providing both teams and single-man guard services, with specialists hand-picked from the best of the law enforcement and military special forces worlds in the United States and United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on discretion, professionalism, honor, integrity and loyalty. Our constant training keeps us abreast of all new developments in the field, making us the only option for 21st Century security.