Risk management and security training

Collis & Associates Consulting Services bring together the essential elements of planning, design, evaluation and training under one management structure. Security design and planning can help integrate security measures within the design phase of a new project or facility. Contingency planning allows for proper and timely threat and risk assessment to enable clients and their personal teams to deal with any crisis at home or abroad.

The security assessment and evaluation service validates existing security procedures while offering possible improvements, which can be achieved through education in risk and crisis management and security training. We are also available to audit and assess external security firms, and are very capable in providing evaluations on proficiencies and weaknesses. At the end of each audit, we provide detailed briefings to our clients on improvements that need to be made to fit each client's specific needs.

Threat and risk assessment

Thorough evaluation of any situation is important for any security expert. Threat and risk assessment is one of the areas our specialists focus on in order to more efficiently and effectively protect our clients. Each specialist is experienced in high-risk situations and capable of developing a crisis management plan in order to protect VIPs and their interests.

Developing a crisis management plan

Our protective details are available to provide specialized security services to governments, corporate executives and private individuals. Experts in risk management, and security training vetted, our specialists work as individuals or small teams perfect for developing a crisis management plan in order to protect our clients in case of any unforeseen circumstances, including travel, medical, and other emergencies. Our groups plan fully and develop itineraries to provide the safest possible movement for our clients. To learn more about the services offered by Collis & Associates, read on further or contact us today.