Collis & Associates Protective Services

Providing specialized security to governments, corporations, and private individuals.


• Personal Protection
Our PPDs (Personal Protection Details) of all sizes can provide 360-degree protection 24 hours a day at  home, on the road, or at work.

• Worldwide Specialist Travel Teams
Our Specialist Teams with global capabilities can go anywhere and plan and prepare for any eventuality.

Detailed Advance Work
Our thourough advance work prior to departure allows planning for threat mitigation when government officials, corporate executives, or individuals travel domestically or abroad.

• Travel Advisories and Itinerary Planning
We provide clients detailed briefings about all aspects of their destinations, including country profiles, political and economic evaluations, potential threats, counseling on the local culture, and selection of secure hotels and restaurants.

• Risk and Threat Assessments
Our comprehensive intelligence gathering and methodical due diligence combined with our extensive real-world operational experience enable us to provide clients with a detailed assessment of potential challenges, obstacles, or risks.

• Emergency Planning and Evacuation Operations
We implement contingency plans in the case of medical emergencies as well as plan and execute emergency exfiltrations should the political or security situation make it necessary.


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