About Us

Who we are:

We at Collis are uniquely aligned with a global team of highly trained security operatives, engineers and IT professionals to directly advise corporate, government and private organizations in all their vulnerabilities – both actual and anticipated. 

We are also one of few companies of our kind to offer in-house, centralized operations to ensure client and data privacy, along with real-time responses and procedural efficiency.
Serving client needs worldwide since 2006, Collis & Associates was founded by Paul R. Collis to satisfy the growing needs of specialized, premium security services – built around his unshakable core values of honor, integrity, and loyalty.
Collis envisioned a firm that would not only bring world-class government, military and protection experience, expertise and  resources to security concerns anywhere in the world, but offer a rare dedication and authenticity: A 100 percent, non-negotiable commitment to all areas of client safety with no corners cut, founded on premium skill, trust and proactive planning.
He also visualized a company that would not be a one-size/service ‘fits all’, but offer a tailored approach to diverse client needs – fusing a deeply personalized, boutique feel with global reach.
Since its inception, Collis has grown into one of the world’s most trusted protective and global security organizations, with an unparalleled reputation for excellence, authenticity and discreet, platinum service on demand – anytime, anywhere.




We look forward to assisting you with the full range of your security, travel, IT and training concerns – and building your personalized package to address your specific needs.


Please contact us here for your complimentary consultation.