Critical Infrastructure Protection


The peril of cyber threat today cannot be underestimated, from individual malicious hackers to large organized campaigns targeting our digital security and critical infrastructure.

Online theft and manipulation – from data to asset – remains a continual, rapidly escalating menace.



Collis works with carefully chosen IT security partners, some of the world’s most recognized and advanced in comprehensive cyber security, to mitigate current and upcoming cyber threats including AI cyberattacks, corporate, government and medical data breaches, deepfakes, synthetic identities, social media disinformation, 5G risks, ransomware, cloud jacking, vehicle breaches and many more.

Where necessary, your CGN Critical Infrastructure Team will deploy highly experienced ‘white hat’ hackers – seasoned, trusted “hackers for hire” who attempt to penetrate client cyber defenses for the sole purpose of exposing and addressing IT vulnerabilities.

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.