Capabilities Assessment


In today’s exponentially sophisticated, evolved threat landscape, it is simply not enough for your security to be “just functional” – but up-to-the-minute aware, intelligent and proactive.

Collis offers an expert, customized assessment of your organization’s safety and security systems, incident response and capabilities.


A well-designed SOC should encompass a  Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security Monitoring, Endpoint Monitoring, Audit Assistance and Business Intelligence, allowing it to operate seamlessly as a single system.

The Collis Global Network (CGN) will deploy a team of leading security consultants to create a synopsis of your current abilities – benchmarked against best practices, while identifying areas to enhance.

Delivering a solution that is not just functional, but CGN SMART:

  • Secure: Constant, comprehensive security technologies
  • Monitor: Efficient, reliable threat monitoring and detection
  • Alert: Prompt and precise threat reports
  • Respond: Rapid, timely response to incidents
  • Troubleshoot: Triage, investigate and report
Our primary goal? The deployment of customized CGN security assessment tools that provide the basis for organizational improvement of all systems and integrated products.


We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.