Asset Protection

Assets – places and property – have become rising targets for violence, theft, looting and damage to homes, corporate offices, government and diplomatic institutions, retail and hospitality outlets, warehouses, manufacturing plants, museums, galleries and art collections, marinas – and many more.

Your CGN Asset Protection Plan will begin with a thorough, detailed analysis of your property/assets: its exposures and vulnerable points during different times of day and night, its personal and environmental conditions under a range of circumstances – and all potential threats.

Your plan will involve a combination of expert, trained and highly vetted CGN physical guards, and the latest, most cutting-edge electronic security measures available, along with strategic recommendations for physical site layout alterations if needed.

    This may include:

    • CGN Physical Guards at entrance and exits conducting security checks and searches
    • CGN Physical Guards conducting perimeter security patrols
    • X-Ray machines
    • Bispectral. thermal and high-speed all light and all-weather panoramic cameras
    • License plate cameras
    • Radar detectors
    • Network video door and perimeter stations
    • Personnel tracking devices
    • Vehicle tracking devices
    • Secure control room

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.