Engineered Solutions

Collis Engineered Solutions


Technology is an essential aspect of any IT security or incident response program. Its effectiveness requires not just a tech background, but a level of expertise and seasoned creative approach that translates into a detailed, powerfully consistent plan.
From selecting the right platforms and applications to vetting and choosing the best possible tech staff, every small decision and building block is a vital component of success.
Collis Engineered Solutions (CES) focuses on the supporting infrastructure of Security Operations (SecOps) – providing our clients with clear, innovative tech blueprint that takes all details and scenarios into account – creating a next-generation, tailored solutions strategy that analyzes every variable, harnasses all resources and anticipates problems before they occur.


Security Operations Center

Engineering and Design

A CTS-engineered SOC is customized to the unique needs of your organization. Leveraging decades of global systems design experience and understanding the constantly evolving technologies, our human/AI and device-intelligent analytics will meet all your security goals.

We provide an objective assessment of all your security protocols and capabilities – so your systems can achieve optimum stability and performance. This service is typically a three-day effort, focusing on the complete security infrastructures. The goal of this service is to establish a people and technology baseline and provide targeted optimization recomendations.

Security Operations Center


Systems Integration

We execute a vertical aggregation of  your subsystems so that your platform is able to deliver maximum functionality – and ensure all components are linked together seamlessly to meet all your security requirements and challenges.

Identity Management

Controlling and managing access to premises and networks is the core asset of every effective security platform. Identity and access management (IAM) of employees, vendors, customers, visitors and the public to facilities and networks is vital to the saftey, security and survivability of every orginization – and offers real-time knowledge and data for rapid decision-making and response. 

Our CTS engineering team can customize a rugged and completely portable fly-away communication system. These systems are designed to be transported to anywhere you need voice, data or video connectivity – all deployed within just a few hours.

Fly-Away Communication Solutions

Portable Solutions

CTS next-generation, customized portable surverillance systems are engineered to be transported and deployed quickly. The systems are designed to be delivered through normal commercial travel and are completely self contained. 

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.