Hosted Security Services

As technology and globalization continue to expand, our threat landscape broadens exponentially – exposing ever-widening gaps in physical and virtual security environments. 

These challenges can be overwhelming – from large corporations who require vigilent attention to detail over vast domains, to small to medium-size businesses with more limited budgets to secure, operate, manage and maintain effective security systems and networks.



With Collis Technical Service’s (CTS) hosted security programs, your business can fully leverage enterprise-level technology solutions  – without the monumental time and expense required to design, install, manage and operate these critical systems.

Our solutions will allow your organization to take a proactive stance against any potential threats that can compromise operations – or lock them down.

Saving time and resources and ensuring business continuity in the event of an event, disaster or IT security breach.



After a detailed consultation, CTS engineers and IT professionals will re-direct or design and build your customized solutions for exterior/interior surveillance, access control, secure data networks and more through our secure SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, information gathering and strategic resource leveraging. 

Our fully tailored hosted systems and managed service offerings are composed of multiple components aimed at providing multi-level protection against every conceivable issue.

Intelligently, proactively and with unparalleled expertise. 

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.