Defensive Driving


Defensive Driving: The necessary driving skills that allow a driver to successfully avoid possible collisions caused by other road users and inclement weather conditions. 
Well-trained defensive drivers will avoid dangers created by others by using their learned skill sets.

Along with our well-established partner company, we at Collis provides a range of tailored driver training packages to fit every requirement and type of vehicle including:

Learners and Newly Licensed Drivers:
We work with ‘novice drivers’ to give them both the confidence and – more importantly –  the skill set to be able to drive in a safe and competent manner. We look to provide newer drivers with an understanding of vehicle control and awareness, concentrating on safe vehicle procedures, accident awareness, wet weather driving and nighttime driving.
In addition, this course will include basic ‘how to’ exercises such as how to check oil and coolant levels – and to replace a flat tire on the side of the road.
Basic Chauffeur and Security Driver Skills – Sedan Non-Armored:
This is a 10-day intensive course designed to train a novice licensed driver to become a qualified chauffeur/security driver.
Subjects will include but not be limited to the following:
  • Full assessment of driving skills to establish a baseline from which to build
  • Lessons on Etiquette for Chauffeur/Security Driver
  • Dress
  • Briefings and Debriefings
  • First Parade
  • Vehicle Searching
  • Route Planning – Alternate routes
  • Use of Radios
  • Convoy Work
  • Airport Work to include commercial and private airports
  • First Aid
We also offer a course specifically for chauffeurs and security drivers on driving Armored Sedans and 4 x 4 / SUV type vehicles. These vehicles have markedly different weight, center of gravity and overall handling characteristics to a sedan and require special training for safe defensive driving. 

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.