Remote Systems Management RMS

It is an understatement to say that not all threats occur right in front of us.
Our solutions are not just cutting-edge, but strategic:  Through our global tech expertise and broad experience with human behavior, we are able to proactively detect risk, assess threat levels and act rapidly to prevent a negative outcome.
CTS’s  (Collis Techinal Service) video, data and access control Remote Management System (RMS) is powered by carefully selected, next-generation analytics and AI tools.

With a 360° view of client environment, we are able to identify and measure vulnerabilities and potential threats in real time – quickly, clearly and effectively.
Through the use of secure private networks to our network and security operations center, we virtually monitor and manage your organization’s electronic surveillance, access control and data networks 24/7 – with instant recognition and reporting of any changes or suspected problems.
And we are versatileOur remote management and monitoring services can serve as your outsourced surveillance force, or support your existing in-house team to boost systems capabilities and efficiency.
Outsourcing these critical tasks allows your organization to ensure expertise and improve operational efficiency – and empowers you to focus on your core business goals, without risk or distraction. 

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.