Investigative Services

In today’s uncertain times, information is our most important commodity – and best defense:

From knowing who you are employing – from a top-tier executive to a child or senior caregiver in your home, to a true understanding of a company you are considering for a partnership, merger or acquistion – rigorous investigative services are essential components of safety and protection.

In addition, keeping your data, intellectual property and privileged information private is paramount: Hackers, corporate spies and identity thieves who threaten reputations and revenues of corporate entities and individuals will exploit every and any opportunity. 

Experience and due diligence ensure safety – and safeguard reputations. 

We at Collis provide comprehensive, detailed backgound reports on individuals, potential employees and corporations, while keeping your data private and secure – flagging suspected activities and networks that may compromise your privileged information thereby, Saving you time and resources while protecting credibility – and preventing risks to data, innovations, growth and personal security.

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.