Threat Assessment

Reduce risk, avoid waste and invest in a secure future:

Ongoing, comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments are nothing less than essential in securing your organization’s or family’s physical and IT security systems and protocols.

Regarded as a one of the preeminent global security services in the Washington metro area, we will provide supportto to clients from New York and across the United States. The multidisciplinary expert professionals of the CGN (Collis Global Network) have developed a rigorous, step-by-step methodology of assessing and identifying public and private sector threats and risks.

Your CGN Threat Analysis will allow you to:

  • Identify the threats to your poeple, assets and data – before, not after they become actual events
  • Assess the threat be it internal or external
  • Develope purpose-build controls to allocate security resources based on actual threats – effectively, efficiently and without waste
  • Reduce your vulnerabilities and risk
  • Forecast future threats – in both global and local contexts
  • Evaluate responses to ensure that the goal was achieve


Your CGN Threat Assessments will assist you in accurately comparing threat levels at each of your facilities, recognize patterns, calculate impacts, forecast future threats, prioritize action plans and implement solutions. 

Your assessments can be used independently to support your internal security efforts, or as a foundation for your CGN customized security program. 


We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.