High Net Worth/High Profile

High Net Worth/High Profile Protection  – People, Family and Assets

Wealthy individuals and families – or people in the public eye – can present unique risks and challenges to safety that require special attention.


The Collis Global Network (CGN) provides comprehensive Executive and Close Protective Services to ensure the safety of high net worth and high-profile individuals and their families exposed to elevated personal risk. The services CGN provides includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Overseeing residential security and day-to-day travel to work, school and social/recreational events.
  • Overseeing vehicle fleet to include ensuring drivers/chauffeurs abide by standing operational procedures.
  • Designing and installing security surveillance systems.
  • Detailed background checks of all existing and proposed employees.
  • Co-ordinating travel plans both within the United States and internationally.
  • Liasing with airlines, private jet companies or client-owned private aircraft operators.
  • Hotel security, restaurant and hospital surveys.
  • Overseeing public appearances.
  • Creating a crisis management plan.
  • Arranging kidnap and ransom insurance.
  • Overseeing clients living in, working in and travel to high-threat environments.
  • Understanding and combatting threats to person or family.
  • Providing assesment of existing client teams with regard to effectiveness
  • Recruiting, building and training ‘in house’ security teams.

Executive protection is its own highly specialized field within the private security industry; the members of your elite CGN Executive/Close Protection Team will have intensive training in executive protection, driving, first aid and marksmanship. We draw our personnel from Tier 1 Military Units along with former members of the security services and special law enforcement.


Travel Planning and Protection

The CGN also offers both domestic and international travel planning and protection for individuals, executives, families and employees – including protective detail, secure transportation, hotels,  communicaton systems, trained drivers, itinerary coordination and worldwide medical support.

We also prepare and secure residences around the globe in advance of and during your stay – with surveillance equipment as needed.

Both at home and abroad, we remain discretely in the background while ensuring your safety, privacy and seamless movement to maximize your security and comfort with platinum-level service and next-generation transport and technology.


We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.