Fly-Away Communications Systems

Need communication anywhere in the world?

CTS engineers offer a custom-designed fly away packaged satellite ground station with integrated communications.

In just a few short hours – and at any location around the globe – users can establish a direct, secure connection between individuals or remote travelers and headquarters. 

Our system provides global Web access, voice, video and data transfer – as well as real-time video conferencing capabilities. Built for full global transport and use in lightweight, travel-ready packaging.

To begin, your Collis Technical Services (CTS) engineer will perform a virtual global site survey and generate a link budget and communication plan for your specific use, readiness scenarios and conditions.

The CTS technologies are all designed with automatic satellite aquisition mechanisms and versatile terminals for working, 24/7 commuication.

Keeping you connected – anytime, anywhere.




We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.