Campus/Estate Integration Systems

For more than three decades, Collis Technical Services (CTS) has been a leading provider of turnkey infrastructure solutions for security and IT services.
We have earned global recognition for our unparalleled, multifaceted expertise in system design, implementation, operations and maintenance for government and enterprise customers.
The experience, knowledge and tools to integrate in-house technologies require the years of field experience provided by our veteran security professionals and engineers.


Based on our knowledge and training, we can make accurate process recomendations and create a powerful symbiosis through all of your subsystems – resulting in an effective flow of information and boosted functionality that will add both operational volume and longevity to your invested systems.

CTS Assessments help you understand:

  • The current technical level of your systems  – and what to do to “up your game”.
  • An analysis of all sub-systems and how they perform vital functions.
  • Current workflow (such as incident response, day-to-day operations and more).
  • Necessary changes to processes and procedures required to effectively integrate SOC/systems.
  • The optimal tools and technology to leverage in order to perform your specific SOC/systems missions.


We look forward to working with your security and facilities managers to bring these critical assets to your organization.

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.