Professional Services

Protect your employees, your brand, your intellectual property, your reputation – and help ensure business continuity through any disaster.

Our Global Threat Assesment and Analysis Team of highly experienced operatives – primarily former law, military or intelligence officers – will conduct a comprehensive review and deliver a report with strategic recommendations to lessen and/or mitigate any – actual or potential – vulnerabilities to your organization.

Threat Assessment

Crisis Response Planning

Natural or manmade, disasters of all kinds can result in untold threat to life and significant disruptions to government, corporate and organizational entities – not to mention individuals and families.

We work closely with all of our clients to assess any existing response procedures and update or build proactive, effective Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) for the full range of potential disasters to health, facility, national and cyber security, communications and more.

We provide comprehensive, detailed backgound reports on individuals, potential employees and corporations, while keeping your data private and secure – flagging suspected activities and networks that may compromise your privileged information and intellectual property.

Saving you time and resources while protecting credibility – and preventing risks to data, innovations, growth and personal security.

Investigative Services

Make travel both seamless and safe:

Corporate or private, we work with existing staff or travel departments – or establish new ones – to develop and utilize only the most robust and effective travel protocols and procedures.

We also institute premium protection and/or training packages for executives and staff who routinely travel within the USA and abroad.

Collis also coordinates secure hotels, transportation, and First World medical support in any location around the globe.

Secure Travel Planning

24/7 Global Medical Support

Functioning as a personal virtual emergency room and health care concierge, the physicians and care team of the CGN network provide immediate telemedical emergency support and urgent chronic condition management.

On demand – anytime and anywhere.


We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.