Protective Services

Elevated risk. In these rapidly changing times, what used to be the concerns of just a few are now universal, arising from a number of unprecedented directions – from violence, health and cyber risks, to threats against individuals, organizations and assets.


Knowledge, preparation and unparalleled experience are our best – and only – tools to mitigate risk. Period. We at Collis and our expert Collis Global Network (CGN) team are unfailingly diligent in studying and assessing every possible potential threat and executing detailed protective strategies, precisely customized to your needs, areas of exposure and environments. The CGN assures 365, 24/7 security for you and your family, your home, company, holdings, assets and IT systems, here and abroad.


We never cut corners or miss a step. Collis provides our clients with the full range of required safety documentation for your assurance, ironclad standards that no bona fide protective services firm should ever be without.

Executive Protection

We at Collis provide comprehensive Executive and Close Protective Services to ensure the safety of individuals and their families exposed to elevated personal risk, such as living, working or traveling in a high-threat geographical area, type of employment, affiliations, net worth, high-profile designation, exposed residence and many others.

Assets – places and property – have become rising targets for violence, theft, looting and damage to homes, corporate offices, government and diplomatic institutions, retail and hospitality outlets, warehouses, manufacturing plants, museums, galleries and art collections, marinas – and many more. 

Asset Protection