Security Advisory

Team Building

Design and build your own in-house security team, including:


  • Assessing and recommending the most appropriate yet cost-effective structure based upon your work, family and travel requirements.
  • Recruiting, vetting and training a leadership group that is your optimal fit.
  • Working with your new team to build out your specific Security Operations Protocols (SOPs).

Depending upon your preference,  we can either:

  • Build, manage and run your security program on a long-term basis
  • Build out a turn-key operation to hand over as an ongoing structure over an 18 month to two-year period.

We also offer an ongoing review and audit of your team and operations to ensure strict compliance with protocols and standards – carried out every 6 months.


Whether for security threats, medical risks or safe driving, our single best defense is solid training.​

​We provide premium, customized training packages for a wide range of scenarios and personnel at home or abroad – from driving, first aid and foreign cultures to threat awareness and kidnap response.​

 Collis personnel will work with you utilizing the latest data, technologies and techniques to ensure your team is robustly trained in your chosen areas.​

While some subjects – such as preparing for a specific trip – can benefit from a ‘one-time’ class or exercise, effective security training in most areas should be an ongoing process, built into your annual calendar.​

Assessments & Damage Control

Our clients sometimes ask for a comprehensive review of the security, IT or travel program they have in place. We fully understand the sensitivity of this situation and proceed with diplomacy and respect for the exisiting providers.

In our review, we interview not only the senior personnel but the entire team to gain a thorough understanding of how they perceive the effectives of their operations – both good and bad.

We also conduct an in-depth audit of all documented policies and procedures, along with examining and testing how protocols are actually followed on a day-to-day basis.  We discuss our findings with the existing company before sharing them the client.

Our final review document will lay out all our conclusions and recommendations for improvements in procedures, protocols and even senior personnel if needed.

We look forward to customizing your
platinum security program.